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Commercial crime and fraud are complex in nature and can be devastating for those involved. These types of crimes can damage your reputation and put your business in jeopardy. 

In case you or your company have been charged with a commercial crime offence or are being investigated for commercial crime activities, it is crucial to contact an experienced criminal lawyer at once.

We can help individuals from anywhere in Western Canada and the Northwest Territories. If you’re unable to reach our Edmonton offices for a consultation, we are able to discuss your matter at your convenience via telephone or the online video platform of your choice (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc). Where appropriate, we can also arrange travel to you. Our aim is to ensure that you can access legal advice as easily as possible.

What is Commercial Crime?

Commercial crime, also known as financial crime, is a type of non-violent offence that doesn’t involve violence or drugs. They are usually referred to as “white collar” crimes because they are typically motivated by financial activities. 

Although commercial crimes may be perceived as less harmless offences compared to other types, they are treated very seriously by the Canadian government. 

Examples of Commercial Crime

  • Breach of Trust/Theft from Employer
  • Money Laundering 
  • Corporate Fraud 
  • Credit Card Fraud 
  • Bribery and Corruption 
  • Market Manipulation 
  • Theft and Fraud 
  • Tax Evasion 
  • Embezzlement

Who Can Be Convicted of Commercial Crimes?

Commercial crime may be carried out by individuals, groups of individuals, government professionals and corporations, among others.

Financial crime may also entail other crimes, including computer or cyber crime, credit card fraud/manufacturing or other forgeries.  

Defending Commercial Crime Cases

Have you or a loved one been accused of commercial crime? At Davidson Gregory, we have decades of experience defending criminal offences. We can protect our clients from different types of criminal convictions including financial crimes.

Choose Davidson Gregory to Defend Your Commercial Crimes Case in Edmonton and Western Canada.


Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Crime Cases

What is considered a financial or commercial crime?

A common form of commercial crime is a pyramid scheme where an individual or their corporation takes funds from investors & moves money between clients while not providing a return to investors.

Another common form of commercial crime is theft from an employer or corporation.  It is common to see individuals who have access to corporate funds to move them and transfer funds for their own personal use.

Who investigates commercial crime in Canada?

Typically, commercial crime is investigated by specialized members of the RCMP, or Commercial Crime Units of local police agencies.  The charges are prosecuted but specialized prosecutors from fraud units within the Attorney General’s department.