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You need a criminal defence lawyer to defend you

When you are charged with a criminal or narcotics offence or crime it is important that you understand the legal implications your charge entails. Do you completely understand the charges against you? Do you know which court you will be tried in? Because you can not plead for yourself, you need robust and intelligent legal representation.

The law can be complex and difficult to navigate, especially for those unfamiliar. Meeting with a criminal lawyer will help you to understand the exact nature of your charges and the implications and consequences of criminal litigation. A criminal lawyer will help you to identify the legal issues and develop a trial strategy to properly present your defence.

Here are few tips for hiring a criminal defence lawyer:

Understanding the intricacies involved in your case.  The charges against you will have substantive technical and procedural aspects to them. You require a comprehensive and detailed strategy to address how technicalities will affect you during the trial process.

You require a complete and compelling understanding of the charges and case against you, and a criminal defence lawyer who will assist you in the criminal court process. A criminal defence lawyer will file briefs, marshall evidence, and analyze Crown disclosure and documents pursuant to your case.

How do I know who should represent me? During your trial, you want the best defence you can have. You deserve a criminal defence lawyer with extensive criminal litigation experience.

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Under Canadian law, you are entitled to a fair trial

You deserve a capable and aggressive criminal lawyer

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