Criminal Defence Areas of Practice

Drug Possession Charges

Possession charges result in circumstances where the accused has the drug on their person, they have it stored elsewhere, or have knowingly asked another person to safeguard the drug. Knowledge and control of consent are key, as seen in the three possession types outlined in the Criminal Code of Canada

Organized Crime Defence

Organized crime is defined in the Criminal Code of Canada as a group of three or more individuals in or outside Canada whose main purpose is to commit or facilitate a serious offence that is likely to result in financial benefit. As such, many illicit activities may be deemed organized crime as long as there is a minimum of three individuals involved. Examples include identity theft, fraud, human trafficking, sex crimes, and selling illegal narcotics.

Sexual Assault Defence

A sex crime charge is one of the most difficult charges a defendant can face because of the monstrous social stigma that’s attached. Even if you are never convicted, the damage done to your reputation, career, and family can be irrevocable.

Firearms Possession Charges

Unlike in the United States, Canadian law does not recognize a constitutional right, or even a legal right, to bear firearms. In order to avoid charges, individuals are expected to comply with the Criminal Code and Firearms Act laws and regulations. First and foremost, this means obtaining a firearms licence. If you are convicted of a firearms offence, you will likely receive a criminal record, be subjected to a firearms prohibition order and, depending on the severity of the offence, face imprisonment. When you hire a criminal lawyer to defend your firearms charge, they must have a comprehensive knowledge of Charter rights, and a detailed understanding of statues and of the judicial review.

Murder Defence

Murder is the most serious criminal offence and if convicted of murder, an accused is liable to a sentence of life imprisonment. An assault case may be more serious if the offence involves assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm, or aggravated assault. These charges attract thorough police investigation, rigorous prosecution, and the most punitive penalties of all criminal offences. Davidson Gregory Tralenberg can represent you across the full spectrum of murder and assault charges.

Fraud and Theft Charges

Fraud and theft both concern the deprivation of property from another person. These offences encompass not just the act itself, but a specific intent to deprive someone of their property. The distinctions between fraud and theft are what make their penalties different. If you are charged with fraud or theft in Edmonton, ensure you talk to a lawyer who specializes in fraud in order to learn how to prevent from being convicted or obtaining a criminal record.

Physical Assault Defence

Assault is considered a serious offence with heavy penalties, including a criminal record, or occasionally, a jail sentence. This can affect you, your family, and your financial future.